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Unbabel is an AI-powered language operations platform that allows any agent to communicate in any language.

What language barrier?

Maintain a consistent standard of support for your customers, worldwide. Unbabel allows your agents to respond seamlessly to international customers, in their native language, enhancing their brand experience while boosting your NPS, CSAT, and CES scores.

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“Unbabel has helped us increase CSAT scores by about 20% in the foreign languages we’re supporting.”

John Wie,

Director of Customer Experience

  • Your workforce, fluent in an instant

    Focus on hiring the best agents no matter what language they speak. Near real-time translation lets your agents respond instantly to international customers, freeing them up for more important tasks, and lowering your average response time.

  • Cost-effective and customer-centric

    Unbabel gives you the freedom to create a cost-saving location strategy that works for your business. Instead of hiring a large team of expensive native-speaking agents, you can consolidate your physical footprint, or hire fewer agents in cost-effective places.

  • Allocate agents wherever you need them

    Workforce planning is flexible with Unbabel. You can allocate any agent to any location or support channel, to keep you covered during peak volume times. Plus our analytics track those trends, so you’re prepared for busy seasons in the future.


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Speak their language to build trust and drive growth

Offering multilingual support makes every customer feel important, building trust and loyalty that will multiply across the globe. With an enhanced brand reputation, you can expand your reach, tap into new markets and bring in new revenue.

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