Manage languages across your business

The Unbabel Portal is a self-service language operations hub that helps you operationalize the use of language across your business. It visualizes data on your subscriptions and usage, and provides valuable insights on key translation metrics like volume and quality.


View subscriptions, manage billing

The Portal holds all your subscription and billing data in one place, so you can view it autonomously. You can keep track of credits, monitor usage volume, review terms and conditions, manage billing, and even download invoices.


Quality you can measure

We have high standards when it comes to translation quality. Which is why we perform a quality analysis for every language pair, across every channel. The Portal allows you to easily keep tabs on the quality performance of all your translations.

Visualize performance and progress

Our reporting provides a snapshot of things like translation volume and turnaround times. All this data is also visualized in the Language Brain where you can view it by language pair, channel type, or track your progress against historical metrics.

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